I am on the job market!

I am Akansha, a final-year Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and I am fortunately advised by Prof. David Irwin. I am broadly interested in using AI and satellite data to solve problems related to social good, sustainability, and climate change.

My doctoral thesis is on data-driven approaches for control, modeling and, forecasting for solar-powered residences. I have explored multispectral satellite data for better modeling and forecasting of solar generation in residential homes. I have experience in working on real data and combining physics-based models with data-driven models based on machine learning.

Prior to joining UMass Amherst in Fall'15, I worked in the School of Computer Engineering - NTU, Singapore as a Research Associate (2014-2015). I have MS by Research in Information Technology from IIIT-Bangalore (2011-2014) and B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from India (2007-2011).

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I am on the industrial job market. Please contact me if you are hiring and interested in my research!

I won third prize in the ECE 3-Minute Thesis (3MT)'21 Competition at UMass Amherst.

I passed my Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal titled, "Data-Driven Control, Modeling, and Forecasting for Residential Solar Power", at UMass Amherst.

I won second prize in the Lightning Talks Competition during the 2020 Energy Data Analytics Symposium! Check the talk here, and the media coverage on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Check out the media coverage by UMass and UMass IPO on the Duke Data Analytics talk.

Our Paper "See the Light: Modeling Solar Performance using Multispectral Satellite Data", received honorable mention under best presentation award in ACM Buildsys'20

Our Paper "See the Light: Modeling Solar Performance using Multispectral Satellite Data", Akansha Singh Bansal and David Irwin got accepted in ACM Buildsys'20.

Our Paper "Exploiting Satellite Data for Solar Performance Modeling", Akansha Singh Bansal and David Irwin got accepted in IEEE Smartgridcomm'20.

I am teaching an undergraduate first-year seminar course at UMass Amherst this Fall'2020 titled - "Staring at the Sun: An Introduction to Solar Energy".

I am attending Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC'19) at Orlando, Florida - (October 1 - October 4' 2019).

I will be presenting our paper (On the Feasibility, Cost, and Carbon Emissions of Grid Defection) at IEEE Smartgridcomm'19 in Beijing, China - (October 20 - October 24' 2019).


I was born and grew up in India. I am married to Trapit Bansal.

Apart from research, I am a board game and video game enthusiast. I also doodle and post under the name Phd_girl.

Cooking, although a survival skill, has become more of a stress buster for me. I experiment with food often mixing Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean recipes, and presently working on a recipe book targeting 30-minute one-bowl recipes which I hope to release soon.