Conference Talk(s):


ECE 3-Minute Thesis Competition at UMass Amherst - received a third prize!

Data-Driven Controlling, Modeling and, Forecasting for Residential Solar Power - Ph.D. Proposal at UMass Amherst


Lightning Talks Competition during the 2020 Energy Data Analytics Symposium - received a second prize! Check the talk here, and the media coverage on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

See the Light: Using Multispectral Satellite Data for Solar Performance Modeling at BuildSys 2020

Exploiting Satellite Data for Solar Performance Modeling at SmartGridComm2020

Staring at the Sun: An Introduction to Solar Energy, Undergraduate Course at College of Engineering, UMass Amherst (Fall'2020)


On the Feasibility, Cost, and Carbon Emissions of Grid Defection at SmartGridComm2019


Sunshade: Enabling Software Defined Solar Powered Systems at ICCPS 2017


SmartSim - A Device-accurate Smart Home Energy Trace Generator by Dong Chen, David Irwin and Prashant Shenoy at SmartGridComm'16

SunShade: Software-defined Solar Power at ACM e-Energy 2016.


Health Monitoring in Smart Grid Using Big Data Perspective at 6th IBM Collaborative Academia Research Exchange, (IBM I-CARE 2014)

Health Monitoring for Smart Grid Network for Prevention Against Failures, at IIIT-Bangalore


Distributed Health Monitoring System for Control in Smart Grid Network at ISGT- ASIA

Vulnerability Analysis of Power Grid Network against Failures by State Classification at EPEC 2013

Two Tier Communication Architecture for Smart Meter at COMSNETS 2013

Paper Review:

TPC member for INDICON 2016 conference.

TPC member for CONECCT-2015 conference.