Highlighting some of the research projects here.

PostDoctoral Work at CIRA Colorado & NSF AI2ES

Working on multiple projects including:

  • Developing AI foundation models using unlabelled satellite data

  • Developed ML models using GOES-16 to identify convection

  • Overcast project at CIRA: Developing 3D models of the cloud

Doctoral Work At UMass Amherst -

Solar Control

  • Sunshade: Software-Defined Solar Power

  • Feasibility, Cost and Carbon Emissions of Grid Defection


Solar Modeling

  • Solar Modeling via Secondary Derived Products from GOES-R, SURFRAD, and weather stations

  • Solar Modeling using Multispectral Satellite Data from GOES-R


Solar Nowcasting

  • Self-Supervised Learning on Multispectral Satellite Data for Near-Term Solar Forecasting

  • A Moment in the Sun: Solar Nowcasting from Multispectral Satellite Data using Self-Supervised Learning


Others -

Oak Ridge National Lab (Research Intern)

AI-Driven High-Resolution Gravitational Maps

(Picture just for illustration)


Master's Work at IIIT-Bangalore

Thesis: Health Monitoring for Smart Grid Networks for Prevention Against Failures

  • Programmable system for grid failure prevention

  • Grid classification system as per stability zones

  • Smart meter architecture for last gasp messages


Nanyang Technological University Singapore (Pre-Ph.D. Gap Year)

  • Mixed-criticality RTOS based on LITMUSRT

  • Cell balancing algorithms for smart batteries

(Picture just for illustration)